The Book is Back.

Vladimir Bukovsky's landmark memoir To Build a Castle is now available for Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

Human Rights Foundation chairman Garry Kasparov, acclaimed playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, and Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot are among those who have contributed advance praise for the Kindle edition of a book that The New Yorker called "sometimes ironic, sometimes detached, sometimes written in cold fury, but always compelling."

Download it now, or read the first chapter online.


Dissident. Author. Activist.

A hero of almost legendary proportion among the Soviet dissident movement
— The New York Times

For 57 years, Vladimir Bukovsky has stood his ground against the constantly changing, yet consistently oppressive rulers of his native Russia. His only weapons are words. Yet his words have prompted one regime after another to try to silence him.

Bukovsky’s heroic speech to the court in defence of freedom, and his five years of martyrdom in a despicable psychiatric jail will be remembered long after the torturers he defied have rotted away
— novelist Vladimir Nabokov

In the 70's, he smuggled documents to the West that exposed the Soviet Union's phony psychiatric hospitals -- prisons for thousands of critics -- and wrote a bestselling memoir of his years in these psikhushka.

In the 80's, he warned U.S. and British leaders that the friendly new face of the USSR was a mask.

A human rights champion undeterred by fear
— Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

In the 90's, he smuggled more documents that outed American and European leaders' secret collaborations with their supposed enemy. 

In the 21st century, he has implored Americans to renounce torture in Iraq, and warned repeatedly that the stealthy, ruthless KGB thrives under a new FSB moniker.

Lifetime Highlights

  • 12 years in Soviet confinement
  • Exposed psychiatric prisons in USSR
  • Author of bestseller To Build a Castle
  • Guest on Good Morning America & Firing Line
  • Met with Jimmy Carter,  advised Margaret Thatcher
  • Masters in Biology, Cambridge
  • Warned of Soviet-European secret deals
  • Considered for vice-president by Yeltsin
  • Testified in hearing on murder of Russian secret service defector and close friend Alexander Litvinenko
  • Advocate for human rights, freedom of speech
  • Persistent critic of Putin regime