Judgment IN Moscow

Media Coverage



Hungarian Review: Norman Stone, A Quarter Century Behind: Vladimir Bukovsky and English Language Publishing

National Review Magazine

Frontpage magazine

Michael Ledeen, Secret Kremlin Documents Tell a Story Hardly Anyone Knows

Christine Silk, Real Russian Collusion

The Epoch Times

Celia Farber, Last Man Standing: The Triumphant Return of Vladimir Bukovsky and the Dark Truth About the USSR and the West

J.R. Nyquist, The Threat of Communism: Then and Now

Canada Free Press

American Thinker

NY Journal of Books

Leon Weinstein (YouTube) 


Celia Farber, The Epoch Times, Legendary Soviet Dissident: We Need to Put Communism on Trial

Interview series by Jay Nordlinger at National Review

Part 1: ‘Not Suitable for Recruiting’

Part 2: Echoing Words

Part 3: Nazis and Communists

Part 4: Heroes and Villains

Pre-release interviews with Bukovsky

NVC Radio, Chicago

with Leon Weinstein -- audio in Russian, transcript in English

Secure Freedom Radio, Center for Security Policy

with Frank Gaffney -- audio podcast

REELTalk with Audrey Russo, Salem Radio Network

Russo’s interview with Bukovsky starts at 65 minute mark

The HIStory of Judgment iN Moscow 

The Book Bukovsky Can't Publish

2001 article by renowned British political journalist Stephen Bates.

A Hidden History of Evil - the unread Soviet archives

2010 article by political journalist Claire Berlinski.


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