May 14, 2019: Bukovsky's book Judgment in Moscow was released.

Hardcover, paperback and e-book versions available.

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Jay Nordlinger of National Review interviewed Bukovsky and reviewed the book:

Review: Bukovsky’s Judgment

Interview Part 1: ‘Not Suitable for Recruiting’

Interview Part 2: Echoing Words

Interview Part 3: Nazis and Communists

Interview Part 4: Heroes and Villains







To Build a Castle, Bukvosky's bestselling 1978 prison memoir, is now available for Kindle.

February 12, 2018: Bukovksy's trial on child pornography charges was stayed in Cambridge Crown Court. 

Judge Hawkesworth told press: “I’m quite satisfied that due to the continued deterioration in his health… when it came to the moment whether Mr Bukovsky should or could give evidence we would be faced with a wholly impossible situation. It wouldn’t be fair to try the man in those circumstances."

The New York Times: Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography is Planted to Ruin Them

PRESS Archive

What can you tell them in a skimpy leaflet, or even via all the radio stations of the Soviet Union? They know, my friend. They keep quiet because they know, not because they don’t know. Can you blame them?
— "The Soul of Man Under Socialism"


National Review - Did Britain fall into Putin's trap in prosecuting Bukovsky?

The Weekly Standard - Crown Prosecution Service's case against Bukovsky seems oddly lacking in skepticism.

The American Spectator - Is Bukovsky's case really against the Kremlin?

Current Events

Russian dissidents called mentally ill - 2007. The practice Bukovsky exposed has been revived.

Bukovsky on Brexit - 2016. Translation of an essay written after the UK's EU referendum for the Ukrainian publication Gordon.

Putin's system will collapse - 2014. Conversation with another former dissident and prisoner, Andrei Sannikov, about unrest in the former Soviet Union. 

The Marxist-Leninist Roots of the European Union - 2013. Interview in Analysis & Review.


A Chronicle of Current Events

The influential 1968-1982 Moscow samizdat journal of dissent, which has been translated to English and put online.

Complete archive of the Chronicle's Bukovsky entries

The New York Review of Books - 1970. "A Letter From Vladimir Bukovsky." Translation of an open letter in which Bukovsky recounts the repercussions in the USSR of the Post's previous article on him.

Chicago Tribune - 1972. "Soviet Union vs. Bukovsky -- The Trial of a Dissident." His trial in Moscow for passing documents from psychiatric prisons to foreign correspondents.

The Economist - 1989. "Better Red than Dead?" Bukovsky's persistent claim that the worldwide disarmament movement of the 80's was funded and orchestrated from the Soviet bloc.

Institute of Modern Russia - 2012. "A Life of Integrity," interview with Bukovsky for his 70th birthday.

Wikipedia - A 16-page, 6,000-word entry with a bibliography of Russian works and 150 footnote references.

Supporters of Vladimir Bukovsky - Links to relevant Russian-language articles.


They Chose Freedom - 2005. A four part documentary on the Soviet dissident movement.

Russian/Chechnya - Voices of Dissent 2006. Bukovsky explains how the Chechen invasion is the continuation of old policies that go back hundreds of years, using staged bombings to justify war.

Parallels, Events, People - 2014. A documentary on the dissident movement and its parallels to the 2011-13 protests in Russia.

The Soviet Story - 2008. A documentary sponsored by the European Parliament's UEN group that looks at collaboration between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union prior to World War II, and contrasts the difference between modern Germany and Russia's view of their own pasts - one shameful, one glorious.

1976. ABC Evening News reports Bukovsky's arrival in Switzerland, on his way to England.

2007. Bukovsky returns to Moscow, says Putin regime targeted Litvinenko and others for legalized murder.